Part Time Jobs Glasgow

Part Time Jobs Glasgow

Part Time Jobs Glasgow

Part Time Work - The Benefits

With many employers increasingly paying less to their  employed staff and many offering zero hour contracts for most it feels like the benefits of going to work are not worth it. 

First and foremost consider the cost to even start a job, the clothing, travel expense and lunches plus the usual Tax and NI obligations.

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Part Time Jobs In Glasgow

There are lots of advantages to working as a part time Glasgow escort. So let’s dispel the myths about modern escorting in Scotland.

With Glasgow escorts agency you are effectively self employed whether you declare your earnings to the tax man is entirely up to you.

There are no contracts allowing you complete flexibility to work when it suits you.

You choose your start and finish times and which and how many days you want to work each week.

There is no cost to you at all if you choose to join our agency. 

Yeah thats right 100% completely free.

We take care of everything from your photography to your web marketing. 

We only start to earn when you start to earn how good is that ! 

Because we work on a commission based sales approach, which means you are guaranteed to earn from day one.  

Don’t be taken in by scam sites asking for money up front  !

We would never ask for any money up front as we know we can guarantee to get you work.

Our agency has been operating in Glasgow for 20 years so our reputation for supporting our escorts is very important to us.

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The Best Part Time Jobs In Glasgow

Surely the most important factor of working part time in Glasgow is the complete control it gives you in your life  as well as the reasonable earning potential.

We what if i said the earning potential is not reasonable but huge. Thats a big claim !

The truth is that there is no other part time work in Glasgow that compares.

Our Glasgow escorts can earn anything form £1000 to £1500 a week on just 15 to 20 hours availability.

It costs nothing to talk to us and we always guarantee to give you the right advice for your circumstances.


Free To Join

£ 0 No Upfront Charges
  • Choose Your Own Hours
  • Choose Which Days To Work To Suit You
  • Complete Flexibilty
  • All Bookings Handled By The Agency

Free Photography

£ 0 Huge Cost Saving
  • We Only Use Female Photographers
  • Photos Edited So You Remain Anonymous
  • Studio Close To City Centre
  • Professional Results

You Can Earn

££££ Earn Minimum 1K Per Week
  • Lowest Agency Commission Rates
  • Commission Includes All On Line Marketing
  • Flats Available To Work From
  • No Contracts

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part time jobs glasgow