Glasgow Escort FAQ’s

Glasgow Escort FAQ’s

Glasgow Escort FAQ’s

Glasgow Escorts Agency

Glasgow Escort FAQ’s

Escort Jobs Glasgow: Join Our Glasgow Escorts Agency - All your questions answered

Glasgow Escort FAQ’s why join us

Completely Free To Join
Free photoshoot for your profile
In house marketing team that keeps our website ranking high on Google search 
Over 10 years experience in the industry
Our escorts are highly respected and well looked after
 we have the highest retention rate of any agency in Scotland
Very Low Commission Rates

Working As An Escort In Glasgow FAQ's

In general there are two types of escorting work

Social Escorting

Involves escorting clients to dinner, events, business functions etc. This may sound very glamorous
and an easy way to make an income but in reality most agencies that promote this don’t have any clients
as most men would not pay to take a girl to dinner.

These agencies normally always charge a joining fee from £300 upwards and in our experience from the people we have spoken to that have paid these agencies, they never get a job and they are never refunded their joining on fee. These are a scam be warned!! Any reputable agency will not charge a joining fee as they will be confident they can get you work. Please get advice before handing any money over.

Time and Companionship Escorting

Is where you will meet clients for a minimum of 1hr at an apartment or hotel in Glasgow and spend time with them.
The client will expect an intimate service which is why they pay around £150 per hour.
This is where the earning potential is high and is the type of service our agency provides.

What Makes a Good Escort ?

In our experience the best escorts and the ones who make the most money,
have a professional attitude to their work and are very reliable.
Take care of their appearance and treat the job like any other looking to give the best service at all times

Do I need to look like a model ?

It obviously helps, but it’s difficult to say what our clients are looking for in those terms
but if you’re attractive between size 6 and 14 between the ages of 18 and 40 and take a pride
in your appearance at all times then there is a good chance you are suitable. 
What is most important to us is that we can get you work.

What Does The agency look for in an escort

Good communication skills: They are essential for working with the agency
and it’s also very important for when you are meeting clients.
You have to be a confident person and confident meeting new people.
You have to be reliable, reliability is extremely important.
The majority of our clients are professional people who expect the agency to provide an escort at the time agreed.
A professional and honest attitude.

Our Requirements

You must be 18 or over and be able to provide us with suitable I.D.
If you are from a country outside the UK you must have legitimate proof that you are in the UK legally
and have the relevant visa and paperwork to prove this.
We always ask for the relevant documentation and before you are able to join our agency and we will insist on seeing it.
We operate a strict no drugs policy

glasgow escort faq's

Glasgow Escort FAQ’s

Our Glasgow Agency is focused on service at all times

The GEA team are always on the lookout for stunning ladies who enjoy making money and having a good time while doing it. We aim high at all times and want all our companions to do the same. If you would like to find out more about the opportunity to enjoy making literally thousands of pounds a week check out our Escort FAQ’s. Reading what’s involved will help you make the very best of the opportunity because getting the right information will prepare you and give you the best shot at achieving your goals. We love our job (who wouldn’t?) and can’t wait to help you un-tap all the earning potential thats out there.

We aim to cater for everyone here at GEA.  so its completely free to join we offer free photography as well as flexible shifts. There are flats available to work from and we look after everything so all you have to is turn up to the booking 

Choose GEA and discover why our agency is renowned as one of the most reliable and most well-reviewed in Scotland!

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